# Mobile User Guide

# How to create a ShibaDEX wallet

  • The first thing you need to do is download the ShibaDEX wallet. You can find the download links at https://shibadex.io/#download (opens new window)

  • After the wallet is installed, you can open the app on your mobile device. You will be presented with this screen:

  • Select Create A Wallet to begin the process of creating a new ShibaDEX wallet.

  • After selecting Create A Wallet, you will need to give your new wallet a name and press Let's Get Set Up! In this example, we name our wallet woof woof.

  • After pressing Let's Get Set Up!, you will be shown your 12-Word Mnemonic Seed. This is your backup. Please write it down and store it in a safe place. If you lose access to your backup seed, you will lose access to your funds!


    Never show anyone your 12-word seed. Keep it in a safe place. If a malicious actor gets ahold of your seed, they will be able to move your funds. The ShibaDEX team will NEVER ask you for your 12-word backup seed.

  • Once you've written down your seed, you will need to verify that you have written it down correctly. ShibaDEX app will ask you to confirm a few of the words you've written down in the right order.

  • After you have verified that your seed is correct, you will set up a password for your wallet. This password will allow you to access your portfolio and make transactions. It keeps your funds safe if someone ever accesses your mobile device. This password will allow you to export your 12-word seed if you need to write it down again.

  • Once you have set up your password, please read and agree to the Terms of Service and ShibaDEX EULA.

  • Now enter a PIN number. The PIN number is used to unlock the wallet if you navigate away from it. If you lose your PIN, you can restore the wallet with the 12-word backup seed.

  • Now you're done! You have created a new ShibaDEX wallet. All you need to do now is Select BEP-20 Shiba Inu (SHIB) from the options, and you'll find your SHIB address. You can use this address to receive funds.

  • To receive Shiba Inu (SHIB) and other coins, you can send someone an image of your QR code or you can copy/paste your address.

# View Seed and Private Keys

  • If you didn’t write down your seed phrase when creating your wallet, you can still view it from the ShibaDEX app.


Reminder: Never share your seed phrase with anyone since it can be used to access funds in your wallet.

  • Tap the More tab at the bottom of the screen.

  • Then, tap Settings.

  • You’ll need to enter your wallet password to view your seed phrase.

  • Finally, you can view your seed phrase and find your private keys for each of your wallet’s enabled assets.

  • If you forget your password or lose access to your mobile device, you’ll need your seed phrase to restore your wallet. The process for restoring your wallet is the same as creating a new wallet. The only difference is that you tap Restore Wallet on the ShibaDEX app welcome screen to get started.

# Perform Cross-Chain Swaps Using ShibaDEX

  • You can use RICK and MORTY testcoins to test swaps on AtomicDEX.

  • In our example, we’ll use the MORTY faucet to receive testcoins. The first option is to tap the Faucet button on the Portfolio tab. The second option is to select MORTY from the menu and then tap Faucet on the following screen.


Note: For non-testcoins, you’ll need to send funds to your corresponding ShibaDEX wallet address before you’re able to trade.

  • It’ll take 5 minutes or less for 7.77 MORTY to arrive in your wallet.

  • Now, you can navigate to the DEX tab where you have three trading options: simple, advanced, or multi-coin.

  • In our example, we’ll use the simple option. Then, we select that we want to sell MORTY and buy RICK.

  • On the next screen, we decide how many units we want to buy and sell. On AtomicDEX, 1 RICK is worth 1 MORTY, so we can trade them at the 1:1 ratio, minus any network transaction costs.


Note: For non-testcoins, you’ll need to make sure that the swap ratio closely matches real-time market prices. AtomicDEX has real-time price suggestion updates for slippage prevention, but it’s always good to double-check your order before placing it. You’ll need to pay any network transaction costs and the ShibaDEX platform fee of 0.13%.

  • Confirm exchange details and tap Start Swap!

  • The swap has three steps: order matching, swap ongoing, and swap completed.

  • After the swap is complete, tap on the Portfolio tab to view your updated balances. As you can see in our example, we now have almost 1 RICK coin and a little less than 6.77 MORTY.

# Withdraw Funds Using ShibaDEX

  • Now let’s say we would like to withdraw some MORTY from ShibaDEX.

  • All we need to do is select MORTY from the Portfolio tab.

  • Then, tap Send, enter an external wallet address, and select an amount.

  • Finally, tap Confirm to start the transaction.

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