# Frequently Asked Questions

# What is ShibaDEX and why use it?

  • ShibaDEX is a non-custodial multi-coin wallet and decentralized exchange rolled into one application. Users can HODL and trade thousands of cryptocurrencies.
  • Komodo — the project behind ShibaDEX — is on a mission to connect all blockchains through the AtomicDEX network. ShibaDEX is the newest branded DEX in the network.
  • The project team realized that there is a need to create more branded DEXs for other crypto communities. ShibaDEX is a logical next step because it provides a cross-chain decentralized exchange for SHIB or other Shiba ecosystem tokens.
  • Having cross-chain interoperability through ShibaDEX allows for the Shiba community to gain more autonomy and opens up potential opportunities to move liquidity across more blockchains.

# Which cryptocurrencies does ShibaDEX support?

  • ShibaDEX supports thousands of cryptocurrencies from dozens of blockchain networks. In addition to SHIB, BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, AVAX, and more are supported natively on their respective networks.

# Which platforms is ShibaDEX available on?

# Can I secure my wallet with Face ID or Touch ID?

  • Yes, the ShibaDEX mobile app supports biometric authentication. Depending on your device type, you’ll be able to set up Face ID or Touch ID. The ShibaDEX desktop app doesn’t support biometric authentication.

# I lost my password. How do I regain access to my wallet?

  • You can restore your wallet using your seed phrase. It’s important when setting up your wallet to write down your seed phrase and store it offline. Don’t store your seed phrase as a digital file or share it with anyone!

# What if my device gets broken, lost, or stolen?

  • If something happens to your device, you’ll need to restore your ShibaDEX wallet using your seed phrase.
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